Exchange 2018

November 7-9, Beverly Hills, CA

Exchange is a three-day immersive event that puts you face-to-face with leadership experts in top industries and side-by-side with world-class thinkers. You'll go deep with your personal and professional growth through new experiences that will broaden your perspective and add value to your leadership.

Every year is an adventure to a new and vibrant city, and this year is no exception. Join us in Beverly Hills, CA, November 7-9 and experience the magic behind some of the most luxurious brands and prominent leaders under the California sun. This Exchange will be unforgettable.

Exposure to Excellence and Expertise

  • The intimate and focused time you'll have at this event will give you an opportunity to connect directly with John C. Maxwell in small group gatherings and one-on-one conversations.
  • You'll gain an in-depth perspective on your own leadership challenges and strengths through formal teachings by industry experts, group discussions, and individual time to process what you're learning.
  • You'll develop relationships with senior leaders from all over the country who are investing in their own growth and development. This is the beginning of lasting friendships with like-minded leaders who can add value to you in your personal and work lives year after year.
  • You get exposed to experts from organizations admired for their world-class approaches to business in their industries and their drive for servant leadership.

Experiences You'll Never Forget

We believe experience is the best way to making learning last. That's why each Exchange event is full of hands-on, immersive experiences. What will it be in Beverly Hills? It's always a surprise for our guests, but past events included running drills in the Dallas Cowboys stadium, a reception and dinner at the New York Stock Exchange, batting practice at Fenway Park, and spending an evening in the Bush Presidential Library with none other than George W. Bush.

These once-in-a-lifetime moments will make everything you learn about yourself and your business truly unforgettable.

Apply Today – Selection Process Ends May 19

Exchange is an up-close and personal event and will always be that way. This year we are opening up Exchange to 10 new people in addition to our returning alumni. Don’t miss your opportunity to apply for the 17th year of Exchange and get time with John C. Maxwell.

Contact our selection committee

If you would like to know more about the application process or if you have questions about this event, contact our Exchange Representative, PJ Simmons, at